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Monday, August 15, 2011

DAY 6 : ChildHOOD MemoRY

This picture I borrowed from Mr.G. He always help me save a lot of my childhood memories. hahaha! Thunder Cat is my favorite character !!Super Mario!!!Last time I always borrowed my friends game-boy which is still in black and white screen !! The eraser is my award collections. I used to play eraser hopping with my friends and from there I won a box of flag eraser. The last one is my army toys.... that's what I always play when Im alone .... hahaha !!!


  1. Haha I also had an eraser collection...but I didn't win any, my brother did :P And I think we had the exact same type of army toys!

  2. haha the army toys can play by self !!! haha both side also self control hahaha