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Friday, August 12, 2011

DAY 3 : CloUdS

Lucky I still remember my blog mission haven't complete. This is my Clouds of today.... and also represent my mood of today...... darkness!  Due to my backache for whole day. And  I take half day go to see Chinese Doctor "TIT TA" , and now I need to work at home in weekend to complete my work. But my superior is good, she got ask me situation and still able to continue... while I said YES ... lolz.....


  1. Wah, night clouds! Good la, then our photos are not all the same :P

    Take care of your back...

  2. no clouds = = a bit only.. now walk slow do slow eat slow ... lolz

  3. Nice picture, Uncle Ezy :P Get Well Soon!

  4. ur lady boss nice ma =w=
    u said YES!!! she sure more like u =3=