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Friday, October 14, 2011


gao meng !!!!  hahaha I need to make a presentation with this title .... very hard to me ... got any idea ? hahaha


  1. What is this....?? Your McD gang ah? lol

    You can say...Eng Yee is eng eng ee one... You want to ee what? I ee with you. Hahaha...

  2. right hand side is my colleague.... this is the mail.
    Your presentation shall be closely tied to the title. Please send in your slides to me the latest by Tuesday 5pm (Oct 18). Thanks!

  3. It shouldn't be work-related if the topics are like need slides??! So formal? lol

    Here is an idea for you: You can make up a game with very complicated rules, then teach them how to play. And when you teach them, you must keep telling them "eng eng ee nia!" Hahaha... (but I don't know can or not la, maybe too crazy already... :P )

    (you know the game where you say one number, then the person to your right says another number, but if you say two numbers in a row, you will skip one person, and if you say three numbers it is the person on your left instead of on your right who needs to continue? Haha, complicated enough? :P If you want I'll teach you...)

  4. no need related to work haha
    wah .. teach them play game .... sure very tired = =